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At Kolibri, we combine great minds from 10 different nations with a huge network of native speaking translators and content creators all over the world.


Research & Reporting

A good content marketing strategy begins with thorough analysis. Knowing your target market and groups allows you to develop long term content strategies that drive engagement, build leads and convert.

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Strategy & Conception

You speak. We listen. Only when we know who you are and what you do can we create a content strategy that is specifically tailored to your needs. A campaign that sets you apart from the competition. A strategy to help you reach your target group – and your goals. 

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Content Production

Good content touches the minds of your target group no matter where they are – in a language they understand. Our editorial department not only strikes the appropriate tone for each channel, it also works according to current and evolving SEO standards. After all, content is worth nothing if it cannot be found.

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Specialised Translation

We know what makes the world spin. In today’s economic climate, achieving international success requires more than merely speaking other languages. You need to understand your market if you want to get inside their heads and their capture their hearts. That's why we work exclusively with native-speaking translators from over 100 countries who work hard to not only translate, but accurately localise your content.

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Multicultural in the office - between linguistic diversity and deadline

Milan or Madrid - all roads lead to Hamburg. People from the most diverse nations come together at Kolibri. How does this work? Pretty well.

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Let's re-examine our relationship with keywords

Search engines define the internet – and as an online marketer, content creator or SEO expert, you know better than anyone how vital our relationship with keywords and proper optimization truly is.

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