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We care: The Kolibri Online team and our philosophy

As an international content marketing agency, we are passionate about language and digital communication. We bring this passion to bear in fascinating and exciting projects, from designing and developing long-term content marketing strategies to specialist translations by native speakers in over 25 language combinations.

To many of our customers, we are far more than just a service provider: we are their partner and, often, an extension of their own team. When working on collaborative projects, we focus on one thing above all: clear and respectful communication, treating others as equals – with our colleagues internally, with you as our client and with your target audience. Our customers have cherished this approach since Kolibri Online was founded in 2008. In fact, many of our customers date back to that time and have stayed with us ever since.

By opting for Kolibri Online, you’re choosing to work with a translation agency that delivers precise specialist translations, a content marketing agency with an in-house editorial staff, and a team of SEO-trained project managers. In short, you’re choosing an agency that is ideally positioned to provide services in the field of digital and international communication.

Kolibri Online’s company values

A company’s actions are determined by its values. A team must shape, implement and above all endorse these values. The following is a list of the four main values that shape our working culture and collaboration at Kolibri Online:

  1. Respectful interaction and cooperation: We live and breathe a culture of respect and appreciation – both within the team in our day-to-day work and in our collaborations with our clients and our external network. This includes good manners, such as listening, allowing others to speak and being honest, friendly and punctual.
  2. Personal responsibility: Achieving the best possible results requires people who are ready to take responsibility for the results of their work. People who create the best solutions with heart and mind. In short: people who care.
  3. Team spirit: We are convinced that we are better together. This is why we promote diversity, authenticity and empathy, both for ourselves and for others. This creates trust – and with it a climate free from anxiety or fear, in which everyone can bring their personal strengths to the fore.
  4. Readiness for change: Globalisation, digitalisation and disruptive technologies – the world and our lives are in a constant state of flux. At Kolibri Online, we foster a culture that takes people out of their comfort zone but does not overburden them. This produces learning achievements and evolution – for individuals and for the agency – and enables us to continually improve our services.
In truth, the characteristics of the Kolibri Online team can be summed up with two words: we care. We grow together to face new challenges and develop our abilities and our creativity with a distinct hands-on mentality. We achieve the best results working in an environment that emphasises respect, team spirit and personal growth.



Tine Stensbjerg Managing Partner
Alaitz Anasagasti Managing Partner
Jennifer Maader Assistant to the
Management & Accounting
Anne Addicks Partner Management
Kerstin Uhing Senior Content Writer
Adrian Anton Senior Content Writer
Guillaume Goemanne Junior Project Management
Sarah Gehring Project Management
Maxi Weber Content Writer
Jana Finklenburg Senior Project Management
Natascha Roeb Junior Project Management
Sarah Steinberg Content Writer
Sören Gummel Junior Project Management
Judith Kuhl Content Writer
Kristin Olschewski Content Management
Lara Heberle Junior Project Management
Marco Lupo Senior Project Management
María Romero Project Management
Janina Modes Marketing Managerin
Marvin Bennies Partner Management
Julia Bonke Content Marketing
Today, Kolibri Online brings together individuals from over 25 countries, who work hand-in-hand with our project managers and our specialist translation team. This is the result of over ten years of sustained, quality-oriented work on the part of Kolibri’s two founders, Alaitz Anasagasti and Tine Stjensberg. With one hailing from Spain and the other from Denmark, they came together to found the agency in 2008 and laid the company’s multilingual foundations.

They had learned for themselves just how difficult it can be to get your message across and convey your expertise in a new language. Yet, they succeeded. In essence, it is this experience that they strive to pass on to the current team of content editors, specialist translators, SEO copywriters and our customers – and this message certainly hits home!

An agency like Kolibri Online – one that creates and translates content for people and companies all around the world – must align its efforts to expand its own skills and knowledge with the demands of global and digital evolution. This is why a classic translation agency founded in Hamburg in 2008 has become a smart agency for international content marketing, specialist translation and SEO translation.

In November 2018, we celebrated our ten-year anniversary with longstanding clients, partner agencies and the entire Kolibri team at the Grüner Jäger in Hamburg.

Check out the video below for an insight into the event!

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Co-founder & Managing Partner
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