The hummingbird is nimble,
adaptable and practically
always in motion.
Just like we are.

We are never not in motion – developing our company is very important to us. As Kolibri Kommunikation GbR, we have from the outset in the expansion of our competencies aligned ourselves closely with global and digital change, and have always been able to respond to the evolving needs of our clients. Under the umbrella of Kolibri, people from 10 nations are now working hand in hand with native speakers from more than 100 countries. International teams are a must for us – after all, we want to carry your success all over the world while always keeping the responsibility at one source. And speaking of 'everything from one source': In order to support you even more consistently in the achievement of your goals, we have been offering our full content marketing program since the end of 2016. From market and target group analysis to strategy and production. 


The hummingbird is the only bird that can fly forward, backward and sideways. Just like us.

You see, things have changed quite a bit over the years. But not everything. If you want, we will fly in another direction for you. If not, everything can remain the same. We continue to offer our individual services. Exactly the way you know them. Exactly with the quality you expect from us. Because we will always remain faithful to our values: quality, openness and reliability are just as much a part of us as constructive cooperation. So basically we're still the same hummingbird, the same Kolibri. Just with a slightly different name. That's why we're keeping the same name. Also just a little different: Since the beginning of 2017, we have renamed ourselves Kolibri Online. 

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Managing Partner
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Alaitz Anasagasti

Managing Partner
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Unsolicited applications

Don't see the position you're looking for? We are always looking for new talent to join our core team in Hamburg. Send us your unsolicited application anyway! Are you a business analyst, project manager (with or without translation experience), SEO editor or content marketing specialist – and looking for a new challenge? Then simply send us your documents.


We work with translators, copywriters and editors from more than 100 countries. Are you a freelancer looking to become part of our worldwide network? Then send us your application and supporting documents.