Summer party 2021: Limbo, wine and glorious sunshine

How good did that feel?! Finally, we were able to meet up with our colleagues in “real life”, rather than just virtually. It had certainly been a long time coming! And, even if it didn’t quite look like summer parties in years gone by (okay, our 2020 party was also socially distanced), our summer party in 2021 was still wonderful. So, after returning negative tests, a small group of us took our picnic blankets and set up camp beside the Kolibri offices in the Hamburg district of Schanzenviertel. We enjoyed a few hours in each other’s company over a couple of glasses of wine, cold beers and delicious Neapolitan pizza – and even engaged in a little limbo dancing. It was great fun!

If, like us, you’d like to hold on to the last few days of summer, take a look at a few photos from our summer party. By the way, our team member Steffi took the photos – not only is she an excellent editor, she’s also a professional photographer!

We enjoyed our summer party in 2021 with social distancing and plenty of sunshine.

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