Case study: Werner Hübner GmbH

Relaunching a company website with a high-reach keyword concept and high-quality B2B content

Metalworking is one of the largest sectors of the German metal and electrical industry. Alongside large-scale producers and niche suppliers, the sector is primarily made up of dynamic medium-sized enterprises. Any company hoping to hold its own in this market while remaining an attractive option for new and existing clients – as well as prospective employees – needs to project their technical ingenuity in the digital world through an impressive online presence.

As an ultra-modern family company focused on CNC machining and metalworking, and as a pioneer of Industry 4.0, Lüneberg-based W. Hübner GmbH sets great store by quality and innovation. For its website relaunch, the B2B company relied on a high-reach keyword concept and high-quality content on the topics of metalwork and machining. This is the best way to gain visibility and be found online on Google and other search engines – not only in northern Germany but across the country.

Screenshot der neuen Hübner Website mit Fräs- und Drehmaschinen

Services provided by Kolibri for the Hübner website relaunch

  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research, potential analysis and keyword mapping
  • Developing the sitemap, incl. link structure
  • Creating templates for different page types, incl. CTAs
  • Producing briefings with appropriate SEO requirements
  • Writing search-engine-optimised website copy
  • Project management
  • Quality management

The company: Hübner CNC machining

On 1 December 1975, Werner Hübner († April 2019) rented a small hall with a surface area of 100m² in Rottorf near Lüneburg and founded Werner Hübner, Dreherei und Maschinenbau. His goal was to build his own small, independent business. Werner Hübner GmbH is an ultra-modern, family-run company with over 45 years’ experience as a contract manufacturer and around 90 employees (some of whom were trained in-house). With a production facility spread over 4,300m², its CNC machining experts have a wide range of machinery from leading manufacturers at their disposal. In addition to CNC manufacturing and module assembly, another focus of the company is supply chain management. Hübner undertakes all aspects of material procurement, through to delivering the finished end product.

The challenge: Keyword concept and B2B content for an ultra-specialised market

Until recently, W. Hübner’s evolution to become a major local player and gain customers in Lüneburg had primarily relied on word of mouth advertising. The hope is that its newly designed website will bring Hübner’s services to the attention of purchasing and production managers – not just in northern Germany, but across the country. In addition, Hübner aims to make its website even more appealing to prospective employees and trainees. As a medium-sized company, the CNC-specialist was searching for a service provider capable of writing high-quality, technically sound website copy and applying expertise in the field of search engine optimisation (SEO) – an agency that could revise the entire website concept from the bottom up based on SEO and UX criteria.

The particular challenge in the first phase lay in identifying, analysing and evaluating the search intents and keyword set for a highly specialised market. The next step was to distil these insights into a high-reach keyword concept and a user-friendly page structure as well as writing readable, high-quality text content – both for B2B enterprises and potential applicants.

Screenshot of the Hübner website with information about the company

Challenges in a nutshell

  • Identifying, analysing and evaluating the search intention and keyword set for a highly specialised market.
  • Producing a clear, professional B2B website structure and templates based on SEO criteria
  • Write SEO content for different B2B target groups with different levels and fields of expertise

“We are thrilled with the professional collaboration for our new website. Kolibri Online provided outstanding advice and support in relation to keyword research, template design and website content creation. As a pioneer of Industry 4.0, it was vital for us to optimise our texts in line with our skills and quality standards. We felt that Kolibri Online always understood our wishes, and we would be happy to recommend them.”

Janina Hübner

Management Assistant, Werner Hübner GmbH

Hübner logo

Werner Hübner GmbH

The solution: Informative SEO website content

The combination of search engine optimisation and high-quality B2B content was a key priority for Hübner in its website relaunch. After completing a competitor analysis, Kolibri Online worked closely with Hübner to develop a comprehensive keyword set for the entire website structure, meeting the requirements of complex subject areas and the search behaviour of the company’s target groups. A key element of the content strategy was the combination of informative and relevant specialist content and service-oriented website copy, which was a priority in order to portray Hübner’s services in the best possible light.

Keyword mapping and SEO-compliant website structure

When it comes to working on a company’s website, it’s vital that the client and service provider work closely together. In an intensive preliminary discussion at the start of the project, the Kolibri team discussed all key aspects of the communication strategy, target audience and tonality of the website copy with Hübner. After this, Kolibri got to work and conducted initial keyword research. Following extensive analysis and having gained Hübner’s approval, we moved on to keyword mapping, which provided the rough website structure. In the fine-tuning phase, Kolibri created a menu structure that not only contains all relevant keywords but also places an uncompromising focus on UX criteria and is tailored to relevant target groups.
Sitemap of the newly restructured Hübner website

The menu structure of Hübner’s new corporate website combines SEO criteria with excellent usability.

Templates and SEO briefings to ensure quality

Nowadays, SEO copy is far more than just a string of keywords. Instead, Google analyses reading duration, scroll depth and click rate, rewarding content that users enjoy reading. As a result, key SEO factors include not only the quality and relevance of content but also its readability and visual presentation. By producing well-structured templates that unite design and text content, and by providing specific briefings with relevant SEO requirements, Kolibri put specific measures in place to create a website for Hübner with a clear design – and thus laid the foundations for excellent search engine rankings. In addition to the keyword research, Kolibri then conducted tool-based, data-based analyses for W-questions and proof terms, examined search intents and analysed search results
Mock-up of the Hübner website on the topic of CNC turning
Screenshot of the Hübner website on the topic of CNC turning

Thanks to well-structured templates that unite design and text, Hübner’s website now features a clear design and is ideally positioned for SEO success.

B2B website text on metalworking

When providing services for Hübner, Kolibri worked with a specialist copywriter with expertise in the field of manufacturing and metalworking. In addition, the project manager and the copywriter who were assigned to the order both had experience with SEO, regularly complete CPD and provide training on online text copy and content SEO. The result is website content that provides a detailed portrayal of the Werner Hübner GmbH service portfolio and addresses potential applicants. In addition, the new site addresses the search intents of metalworking and machining specialists, offering suitable content in response. It includes topics such as ordering the production of CNC-turned parts, 3D mapping and tactile measurement.

The result: An attractive, optimised company website

Thanks to the thorough work on developing a sitemap and templates in close consultation with the client, combined with extensive tool-based keyword research and in-house content creation drawing on proven SEO and industry expertise, Hübner’s website relaunch was a complete success. Kolibri fulfilled Hübner’s wish of combining communication and SEO strategies and translating them into well-structured website content with a modern, attractive design.
Screenshot of the Hübner website page detailing company profile and certifications
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