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Content marketing: Our extensive services, all from a single source

As a content marketing agency, we follow an integrated strategy and offer the entire spectrum of content marketing services from a single source, ranging from strategic planning and concept generation to high-quality content creation, portal maintenance and performance measurement. We also specialise in content SEO (search engine optimisation).

Of course, you can also choose to engage us for individual steps in the content creation process. This diagram should give you a rough idea of how we structure our work:

Flowchart illustrating the key stages in a content strategy

As an international content marketing agency, we enable you to have content produced in over 25 languages or to have existing texts translated and localised.

Your contact at Kolibri

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Our content marketing services

By choosing to work with us, you will benefit from our extensive network of experts in the fields of online content creation, video production, graphic design, SEO and project management, who can create original, high-quality content for you.

When it comes to content marketing, we offer:

  • Strategy & goal-setting
  • SEO texts
  • Blog content
  • Video content
  • SEO training

Strategy & goal-setting: Data-driven content strategies

At Kolibri Online, we can help you to develop a content marketing strategy made up of equal parts data-driven research, creativity and experience.

We use the following steps to support strategic content development:

  • Subject and keyword research
  • Content mapping throughout the customer journey
  • Defining relevant KPIs
  • Topic and content clusters
  • Subject and editorial planning
  • Content production (text, image & video content)
  • Content distribution and management
  • Performance measurement and continuous optimisation
Diagram outlining the key steps in a content marketing strategy

SEO texts: Unique content in over 25 languages

Diagram of the key content formats
Nowadays, SEO texts are more than just a string of keywords. Google’s aim is to provide answers to the questions posed by its users. Only when your content actually meets the needs of key user groups will your site reach the first page of Google’s search results. Here at Kolibri Online, that’s exactly what we aim to achieve.

Our highly trained Online Content team uses specialist tools to conduct research before developing a concept, creating content and then carefully fine-tuning it. In doing so, we create informative content (whether text, infographics, images or videos) that delivers real added value and facilitates a transfer of knowledge, taking all SEO factors into account (such as metadata, heading tags, internal links, anchor text and image SEO). Based on a single briefing, our international teams can produce texts for you in more than 25 languages.

Blog articles: Improve your ranking with high-quality blog content

Corporate blogs are an important online marketing tool and are a fixed part of many companies’ content marketing strategies – and with good reason. Editorial blog content allows companies to address their target group regularly on specific topics, thereby solidifying their expert status and bolstering their brand image. Blog articles are also an ideal way to generate high visibility in search engines and respond to potential customers’ key questions.

At Kolibri Online, we have produced high-quality blog articles for companies, agencies and associations for many years, tailoring the content precisely to their target group’s search intents. We combine up-to-date SEO expertise with editorial skill and our global network to produce blog articles in over 25 languages.

Insights into our past blog content projects:

How video content can help you achieve your marketing goals and boost site SEO

It’s almost impossible to imagine a world without moving images, both online and offline. The special thing about videos is the variety of sensory stimuli that the combination of image, sound and text provides. Even a short video makes it possible to tell a story, building suspense and intrigue to appeal to your target audience on an emotional level. When conceptualising and producing video content, we collaborate closely with specialised partner agencies. We never lose sight of the big picture, which allows us to combine text, image and video to produce a meaningful finished product.

For example, in a project for our customer Otto and its home and lifestyle magazine Roombeez, we developed personal ‘room stories’ and coordinated video content for a series of relevant topics. We oversaw the search for candidates to appear in the stories, provided complete project management and supervised production and editing.

SEO seminar: Online training on content SEO

In our training session on content SEO & online text content, we cover key aspects of SEO and provide an insight into the world of content SEO with the aim of promoting successful online communication. This seminar is suitable for anyone looking to improve their online content creation work, especially online content editors, translators, bloggers, marketing & communication managers and content marketing managers.

We provide these training sessions online in German and, upon request, in English.

Feedback from past SEO training participants:

“Online training can sometimes be draining, but Kolibri’s SEO training workshop was well structured and by no means overwhelming. Adrian was an amazing presenter, clearly explaining everything and providing lots of examples. I feel more comfortable now performing SEO research and have an idea of the tools and methods I can apply in my work to offer genuine added value.”
Joe France

Freelance Translator and Copywriter DE–EN

Training objectives:

  • Improve your understanding of SEO in general.
  • Produce high-quality, optimised texts and meta descriptions that make a lasting contribution to a website’s success.
  • Get acquainted with and practise using helpful tools to examine and implement SEO factors.
  • Learn specialist terminology that will allow you to produce more effective briefings and enable you to understand and implement briefings more swiftly.
  • Establish yourself as a content specialist with up-to-date SEO knowledge – and set yourself apart from the competition.

SEO training “SEO copywriting and online texts“

Language: German

Next dates: 22 and 23 of June 2023, from 9:00 to 13:00

Duration: Two dates of 4 hours each (including breaks)

Participants: Max. 15

Format: Online training

Requirements for participation: first experience with online texts

Pricing: EUR 899 net per participant

Looking to expand your knowledge of editorial SEO? Get in touch:

Our sectors of focus

Thanks to our experienced in-house Content team and our extensive global network of freelance SEO copywriters, we have been able to combine our expert knowledge and experience in a wide range of sectors for over a decade.
geöffnete Hand über der eine Glühbirne scheint

We specialise in the following sectors:

  • Fashion and textiles
  • Sport and fitness
  • Automotive industry
  • Food and recipes
  • Travel and tourism
  • Cosmetics and body care
  • Finance and insurance
  • Metal industry and metal processing
  • Healthcare
  • Law and legal tech

Language overview for our content creation and translation services

Western Europe


Northern Europe


Southern Europe


Eastern Europe


Other languages

Further languages available upon request.

How can we help you?

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