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Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the rest have become serious online marketing tools. And not without reason. When used properly, social networks can bind the user more closely to a brand than most other marketing measures. The possibility of direct interaction presents companies with challenges - but also opportunities - that should never be underestimated:

1. Companies should not only see themselves as a broadcaster and share product-related content all the time. A successful social media strategy focuses on creating dialogue with the user. 

2. Many users also expect the company to be available 24/7 and solve their personal problems as quickly as possible. An open approach to criticism is a prerequisite. 

3. There are always users who do not adhere to 'netiquette.' In such cases, the company must be willing to assume the role of moderator to simplify and, if necessary, to delete comments and block users.

4. We've all seen it before: on the Internet, a small mistake or misunderstanding can blow up into a disastrous chain of events in the blink of an eye. Companies and their social media managers should always be prepared for this. 

5. First and foremost, social media users want to be entertained. This won’t happen with boring and blatantly self promotional product plugs.

Our social media editors understand the social web, with all its trends and features, and are able to react quickly and competently no matter what happens. We’ve got your back: Our experts take care of posting on behalf of your company. To do so, they are intimately familiar with your marketing strategy and your target group and work with you to create an editorial plan for your social media channels. From a clever hashtag to a revised blog concept, we develop your social media profile and fill it with relevant content that is clicked, seen, and shared.

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