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Research & Reporting 

Every successful content marketing strategy consists of a healthy mix of in-depth knowledge and adjustability.


In which direction is the market moving? How is the competition positioning itself? And what really interests your target group? Our analyses provide answers and thus form the ideal starting point for your successful and sustainable content marketing strategy.


No matter how successful a content marketing strategy may be,  there is always room for improvement. However, you can only optimise your content marketing strategy if you know what works  and what does not. Our reports provide you with an optimal overview.

Never before have people volunteered as much information about their needs as they do today. In order to base your content marketing strategy on a solid foundation, we collect data and insights and extract the important information to derive well-founded, actionable recommendations.

Substantiated assertions about markets and target groups form the basis of your strategy – but they do not eliminate the X-factor. Human behaviour can be extremely unpredictable. Continual success monitoring demonstrates what works and what does not; where we have to rethink our approach in order to reach your goals.


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Additional services

Strategy & Conception

Above all, it is our mission to help your company realise its goals by expanding and attracting new potential customers through tailor-made content marketing strategies and concepts.

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Content Production

Web texts, videos, social media updates and events: We develop and produce content that appeals, entertains,  and converts.

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Specialist translation

We make your company documents and campaign content suitable for the international market – online and offline in more than 100 languages.

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