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Content Strategy

Blogs, tutorials, newsletters, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Snapchat – many companies just want to see what is happening and fill their digital channels with anything. There are so many social channels, and you can quickly lose track of them all. Is this something you do? Then you’ve come to the right place: Our content audit gives you an overview of your previous content activities. In order to maintain this in the future, we also plan a carefully conceived content strategy with you, upon request, and enshrine it in a comprehensive communication plan.

The communication plan defines the channels on which you publish your content and at which frequency. In this way, we tailor your content activities so that users always come in contact with your content. Here, the challenge lies in creating content in such a way that it always adds new facets to the image that you want to present of your company without saying the same thing over and over. If your content measures meet this high standard, it makes your visitors curious, and they will then, ideally, take note of your company's online presence.

Of course, we publish the content on your existing platforms. To help you reach new potential customers, we integrate digital media planning into the content strategy. In most cases, a mix of owned media (your website, your social media channels, your newsletter), earned media (influencers and digital publishers) and paid media (ads in search engines and social media) ensures a wide reach and increased attention.

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