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  • DIN ISO 17100
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Specialist translation and localisation: Communicate clearly to your global target audience in over 25 languages

We are your internationalisation partner for digital content. Our localisation principles are:

  • Quality, quality, quality: Good quality makes people happy. We achieve this through high standards and a switched-on team.
  • Native teams: We don’t speak 25+ languages. But our global network does.
  • Three is the magic number: Four-eye principle + DIN ISO 17100 registration + internal quality checks = Jackpot.
  • We speak SEO: Keywords and digital content can’t just be translated. They need to be localised.
  • Tools & technical support: CMS, XML, CAT tools and TMs. Sound like double Dutch? Not to us.

Language overview for our content creation and translation services

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Other languages

Further languages available upon request.

Our specialist translation and localisation services

In our translation and localisation projects, we apply the four-eye principle and use native speakers as standard. This means that every single translation we deliver is performed by a specialist translator who is a native speaker of the target language – before being reviewed, polished and optimised by a second pair of eyes.

Your contact at Kolibri

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Co-founder & Managing Partner
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Kolibri Online GmbH
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When it comes to translation and localisation, we offer:

  • Website translation and localisation
  • SEO translation
  • App translation and localisation
  • Marketing translation and transcreation
  • Technical translation
  • Legal translation
  • Video voiceover and subtitling

What our customers say about us:

“When it comes to SEO translation, we feel we are in good hands with Kolibri Online. Thanks to their excellent advice and high-quality work, we have been able to expand our SEO landing pages in the Netherlands and Belgium quickly and reliably. We look forward to our continued collaboration!”

Aline Reis

Performance Marketing Manager & Web Designer, BABOR

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Babor GmbH

Website translation and localisation

Your website acts as a flagship for your company and is often the first place that potential customers come into contact with you and your services. If you want to exploit the full potential of your website, providing high-quality multilingual content through professional translation is essential. Here at Kolibri Online, we know exactly what matters most when it comes to website translation projects, what preparation and planning is required and how we can localise content to tailor it precisely to your target audience, culture and website design.

Our native-speaker specialist translators work together with our SEO-trained project management team to ensure that multilingual content is perfectly localised, taking into account linguistic and cultural characteristics of the target country along with the latest SEO factors. By choosing Kolibri Online to translate your website and online shop, you will benefit from more than a decade of experience and our extensive network of professional translators.

SEO translation

People prefer to read and consume content in their native language. Around half of all Internet users say they would rather buy from online shops where the product descriptions, delivery information and order process is provided in their mother tongue. So, if you want to communicate and sell products effectively with multilingual websites and online shops, not only is having your site content translated a must, but also the need to tailor the content to search engines. This is because search behaviour and the structure of search queries and keywords differs from country to country.

When it comes to SEO translation, we offer:

  • International keyword research
  • Keyword implementation in key page elements
  • Meta title and meta description translation in line with current SEO guidelines
  • Flawless export and import of content with your CMS

App translation and localisation

Smartphones and tablets have become established parts of modern society. At work and at home, we spend a lot of time every day on mobile devices and use them for a growing range of tasks and projects. If you want to offer your apps internationally to boost your user numbers, it’s important that you have them professionally translated and localised to meet the needs of the respective target country.

Kolibri Online helps companies in various sectors to localise apps and offers professional translation services for mobile apps based on the tried-and-tested four-eye principle. We rely exclusively on native speakers with suitable additional qualifications and support our customers with a highly trained project management team.

Marketing translation and transcreation

Making sure your message hits home internationally requires clear language, creativity and marketing expertise. After all, marketing has long been about more than putting up ads and designing a snazzy logo. Our native translators specialising in marketing texts can tailor your content so that it lands perfectly with your intended target group. This means you can ensure that your marketing activities have the desired effect and deliver an outstanding brand experience, even in a different language.

We’re also happy to offer transcreation services upon request. This can be a useful solution, particularly for marketing texts, as they often cannot be translated directly. The best examples of this are slogans and claims, which regularly employ alliteration, puns, rhymes and idioms. In such cases, a freer, more creative form of translation is often the best way to convey the message into the target language. However, transcreation also makes it possible to tailor mailshots, landing pages and blog posts better to your target audience.

Technical translation

Translations must be error-free, clear and comprehensible – and linguistic accuracy is particularly important when it comes to technical documentation. Not only do specialist terminology, instructions and safety information need to be correct, they must also be clearly translated and easy to understand.

When it comes to technical translations, we work exclusively with native translators who possess suitable knowledge and expertise in the specific technical field. This is the only way to ensure that specialist terminology is translated correctly.

Translating legal texts requires exacting attention to detail and extensive knowledge of the legal systems in both source and target countries. Without this level of diligence, there is a risk that legally binding clauses in contracts and other documents may be unclear or entirely incomprehensible.

Our specialist legal translators have the necessary training and qualifications to translate legal terms and formulations in the source language into appropriate, unambiguous text in the target language.

We can translate legal documents for you, including:

  • Contracts, order letters and agreements
  • General terms and conditions (GTCs)
  • Non-disclosure and data protection agreements
  • Legal and business correspondence

Voiceover and subtitling

In addition to images and text, the spoken word is a crucial means of communicating content to your target audience. If you want to internationalise your video ad campaign, corporate videos or online training content, any voiceovers, text overlays and/or subtitles need to be tailored to the target language. This is where we come in.

We can produce scripts for videos, complete with time codes, and have them professionally translated – bearing in mind any character and time limits. We also make sure that the background score is appropriate and authentic in the target language, source suitable mother-tongue voice talent for our customers and coordinate sound and editing processes.

Voiceover and storyboard translation is suitable for various scenarios, including:

  • Webinars
  • Corporate videos
  • Audio guides
  • Product showcases
  • Social media campaigns

Our sectors of focus

Thanks to our experienced in-house Content team and our extensive global network of freelance SEO copywriters, we have been able to combine our expert knowledge and experience in a wide range of sectors for over a decade.
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We specialise in the following sectors:

  • Fashion and textiles
  • Sport and fitness
  • Automotive industry
  • Food and recipes
  • Travel and tourism
  • Cosmetics and body care
  • Finance and insurance
  • Metal industry and metal processing
  • Healthcare
  • Law and legal tech

How can we help you?

Do you need a quote for a translation? Could we create some text content for your website? Perhaps you would appreciate some advice on relaunching an international website. We would be glad to help you.

Call us on: +49 (0)40 5247774-0 or send us an email at info@kolibri.online.