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Professional text correction services for companies: Proofreading and copy editing by Kolibri Online

Creating a quality text is a multistage process, starting with idea generation and concept creation, followed by intensive research, structuring and the creative act of crafting the text. Then, in the proofreading or copy editing phase, the aim is to iron out the creases and review texts with regard to logical structure, style and formulation. We can help you with this final step.

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Adding the finishing touches to texts: Place a proofreading or editing order

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We offer proofreading and copy editing services in over 25 languages, including:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Spanish
Further languages available upon request.

Copy editing services from Kolibri Online for texts and websites

Packing information about your services, brand and products into a well-crafted text is certainly a challenge. Authors work hard to read up on specialist topics and specific requirements with the aim of creating reader-friendly, entertaining and informative texts. Copy editing is an important follow-up step in any content creation process. It involves experienced editors reviewing and improving texts by looking at spelling, grammar, logical flow, style, formulation and clarity.

One customer’s experience of working with Kolibri Online:

“What we appreciate above all about our collaboration with Kolibri Online is their pragmatic approach. The team is always contactable and are never flustered, even when we make change requests.

From classic editing services to Russian translations, Kolibri Online has been a professional partner to us on projects large and small. They also answer specific questions promptly and, thanks to their good contacts, with perfect clarity.”

Friederike Paschke

Head of Marketing & Brand, WAS Germany


Typical cases for copy editing services

  • Print media such as magazines, books and specialist publications
  • Blogs and online magazines
  • Press releases, mailshots and other informative materials used in PR work
  • Marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, mailshots and adverts
  • Catalogues
  • Instructions, manuals, product data sheets and safety information
  • Annual reports
  • Internal corporate presentations, newsletters and handouts
  • Websites and online shops

Professional proofreading for over 25 languages

Are you planning to launch your website, print your customer magazine or issue a press release? Spelling mistakes and grammar issues are unprofessional and can negatively impact the credibility of your texts and the information they contain. Having your text proofread by native speakers is therefore an essential part of any content creation project – particularly when it concerns information aimed at your customers or the general public.

Professional proofreading focuses on spelling, punctuation and grammar but also looks for other flaws such as double spaces, appropriate line breaks and the proper use of hyphens and dashes.


If you would like us to edit copy and you already have a certain layout in mind (such as text for ads, corporate brochures, customer magazines etc.), you should always have the text edited before inserting it into the final format. Of course, an initial draft layout can be very helpful for editors, but layout and formatting should generally accommodate the text, not the other way round. Then, once the edited text has been inserted into the layout, we can carry out a final review.

Our sectors of focus

Thanks to our experienced in-house Content team and our extensive global network of freelance SEO copywriters, we have been able to combine our expert knowledge and experience in a wide range of sectors for over a decade.
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We specialise in the following sectors:

  • Fashion and textiles
  • Sport and fitness
  • Automotive industry
  • Food and recipes
  • Travel and tourism
  • Cosmetics and body care
  • Finance and insurance
  • Metal industry and metal processing
  • Healthcare
  • Law and legal tech

How can we help you?

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